First United Methodist Church of Marion, South Carolina
Friday, July 21, 2017
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

Pastor's Comments

“DEAR ABBY: I have just learned that a friend’s 16-year-old daughter has two different Facebook profiles. One is a “nice” profile to which she has invited me, her family and friends from her days at a Christian academy. The other; which is pretty raw, she uses with her new “wild” friends from public high school. The first profile portrays her as the perfect student and daughter. The other includes explicit details about her sexual exploits and drinking parties. Should I keep my nose out of it or let her parents know about the dual identities?” -

This girl with two Facebook profiles is being two faced. It won’t work. I’ve tried it. You may fool some but you can’t fool yourself. And you won’t fool God. The Bible warns us about such living. “You can’t serve two masters.” “A house divided cannot stand.” “Hypocrite” comes to mind. It’s madness. I feel for this teenager. I hope she straightens out her life soon.

Are you leading a two faced life? There is a better way.
1. Face up to reality. Admit your deception and determine to live for God.
2. Do an about face. Change the direction of your life. Turn from sin and toward holy living. Live for God.
3. Set your face toward God’s future. Serve God daily. Dig into the scriptures. Unite in Christian fellowship. Work with God. God created you for a unique purpose. Commit your life to Christ and experience the joy of fulfilled living.